Why Cricket is so Popular in India?


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Why Cricket is so Popular in India? – Cricket may not be the national game for India but it is surely no less than any national game for any other country. Cricket has been a religion, lifestyle, passion and hobby for people living here in India. People follow cricket in order not to be ignored or avoided by their friends circle or family and it is a way of connecting with people as this can be the most discussed sport in the country.

Peaceful or Non Violent Game

Cricket is a peaceful gentleman’s game compared most of the other games like SOCCER, rugby, basketball and so on.. Cricket is played with full joy and not much about revenge or sledging compared all the above mentioned games. Cricket is a game started for gentlemen and has been in the world of gentlemen so far.

Unlike Football, playing Cricket needs a bit of investment like Bat, gloves, pads, guards, stumps, helmet and so on..

Cricket in India with full force

To start from the beginning, India has been keen on cricket for a very long time now precisely from the British era. The actual craze to every Indian started when Kapil Dev, one of the most successful captains the history of the game lifted the world cup by defeating the defending champions who were West Indies then. India were truly underdogs in the tournament and West Indies were two time consecutive world champions and had some of the best players in the world ever like Sir. Vivian Richards, Sir. Clive Lloyd and so on.. India Lifted the World cup in Lords, England in the year 1983 and made a remarkable point that Underdogs got the capability of winning the world cup.

Indians used to follow cricket quiet religiously till the year 1983 as it is the only sport where the team India comes to a quieter limelight compared to any other games except HOCKEY. The actual craze begins at the same time when Colour TVs were on the market and India is playing fabulously well on the global turf. There was no turning back ever since as India has developed its skill set in terms of the game and went on to win more trophies to back Indians interest in the game. Eventually, Team India started seeing better players on the international level and started becoming one of the elite country list in the game of cricket.

A Sport Rivalry between India and Pakistan

Any team playing at a tournament level will have their deadly and rival opponents irrespective of any sport in the world. Cricket in India takes a special position in playing with Pakistan as both the countries bleed to win over each other every time they face.

A match between India and Pakistan can change people’s lives, can change the revenue for the country, can change the stock market rankings and what not..?  India and Pakistan can be the most interesting match one would ever wait to watch, irrespective of cricket follower or not.

Proud moment for World cup fans

A world cup match can be an extra added fire as India has never lost a single match ever since the World cup has been introduced and Pakistan is still trying to cross the mark of winning over India. Though India has won 2 world cups in One day International format and 1 world cup in Twenty twenty format and Pakistan have managed to win 1 world cup in One day International format and 1 in Twenty twenty format, Pakistan has never managed to win over India in any of their encounters even while were the world champions.